Attendance Policy

Participation in treatment at L. L. Mulhollem Counseling and Psychotherapy (LLM) requires the client to adhere to the agency’s attendance policies.  Treatment is a joint effort on the part of client and my therapist and my improvement and progress is dependent on attending regularly scheduled appointments.  

  • Attending all scheduled sessions with therapist. 
  • Per the agency attendance policy, schedule and attend at least one treatment activity within a consecutive 30-day period.
  • Cancellations will only be permitted 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment and/or in the case of emergencies, which will be documented with a written medical excuse, probationary excuse and/or any other type of document deemed appropriate by the therapist.
  • In case of emergency, notify immediately of any cancellation by calling your therapists direct phone number and talking directly to my therapist or call and leave a message at the main office iif unable to reach the therapist. (717-489-2901)
  • Keep a record of all my scheduled appointments at this and other agencies in order to avoid conflict of schedule. 
  • LLM has the right to charge full scale fees for no-show or cancellation which is less than 24 hours in advanced. We understand there are times emergencies happen and cancellation and/or not showing up to an appointment cannot be avoided. However, after three no-shows or less than 24-hour cancellations, LLM has the right to discharge the client with a minimum of a 6 month waiting period to return for service.