Focus of the Company

The Dream

What if there was a system put together to offer, not only Christian resources, but clinically proven resources, to the local church, pastors, schools, and other organizations.

This system would offer free training, support, classes, and internet resources such as books and research to the Christian community. So, in addition to resources, this one stop resource center would also offer a level of care that works closely with pastors, pastoral counselor, school teachers, principles, head masters, Biblical counselors, etc., offering not only clinically based psychological services but an integration of Christian theology as well. Now, add into the mix, a system which works closely with the group, offering support for each individual… not just a web page or phone number to call when in need of help. All put together by top trained clinicians who are educated in both Christian theology and psychology, offering discounted fees for professional services. Welcome to L. L. Mulhollem Counseling and Psychotherapy.

Where it Started

The original concept of L. L. Mulhollem Counseling and Psychotherapy started over two decades ago. At that time, Rodney, himself suffered a personal crisis. He sought help from his church who offered Biblical counseling. However, the scope of the problem was beyond this level of care. The situation worsened. Eventually. Rodney sought after a higher level of care but struggled with finding a clinician who was not only a Christian but willing to use the integration of psychotherapy and Christian theology.  Resources were limited and trying to find the right fit was extremely difficult. However, eventually Rodney was able to find the help needed to resolve the situation. But one of the things learned, from the situation, was the struggle for a dedicated Christian in finding quality Christian based help. This was where the original concept was conceived.

This situation was just one of many, that led to actual concept of L. L. Mulhollem Counseling and Psychotherapy. With God tugging on Rodney’s heart, he decided to take a leap of faith, returning to college, adding additional degrees in psychology and professional counseling. In the end, he completed additional training in psychology, psychopathology, family dynamics, neuroscience, addictions, and the integration of Christian theology and psychotherapy. This leap of faith consisted of over 7 years of training and education. In August of 2013, Rodney and his wife, Laurie started researching the market to see if, what he believed was God’s calling, was every completed before. The results ended by launching L. L. Mulhollem Counseling and Psychotherapy in January of 2014.

The primary focus of L. L. Mulhollem Counseling and Psychotherapy is not to focus on client base and numbers. Yes, client base is important as this generates the income to keep the company floating. Some of the organizations involved with include Celebrate Recovery, Churches that Care, and the Elizabethtown Ministerium to name a few.