The God Shaped Brain

The God Shaped Brain is written by Christian Psychiatrist, Timothy Jennings, M.D..  Dr. Jenning’s passion can be felt as you read this book. He takes neuroscience and shows how our view of God actually changes the brain itself.  There is a reason why God wants us to call him Abba Father that goes beyond what you’ve ever imagined. One of the aspects of the book that I find most interesting was how he shows the connection of science and the person’s belief system and perspective of who God is.

This book would be higher on the scale of deep and tough read. I found myself reading sections over and over again just to grasp the depth of knowledge and wisdom Dr. Jennings offers. If you are a thinker and processor at heart, this book will be as one of your favorite. Many points in this book I use for my practice with many of my clients.

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scan0004Section I: God, the Brain and What Went Wrong

Chapter 1: God is Love

Chapter 2: The Human Brain and Broken Love

Chapter 3: The Infection of Fear

Chapter 4: Freedom of Love

Section II: The Battle Between The Conflicting Views About God

Chapter 5: Love Strikes Back

Chapter 6: Engaging the Battle

Chapter 7: Love Stands Firm

Chapter 8: Changing Our View of God

Chapter 9: The Power of Truth

God Shaped Brain Back BookChapter 10: The Truth About Sin

Chapter 11: Enlarging our View of God

Chapter 12: The Judgement of God

Chapter 13: In the Brain of Christ

Section III: Embracing the Goodness of God

Chapter 14: Forgiveness

Chapter 15: When Good Prevails

Chapter 16: When Love Burns Free

Chapter 17: Buddha, Jesus and Preparing Your Brain for Eternity


Putting It All Together – Simple Steps to a Healthier Brain


ISBN: 978-0-8308-3416-7