Handbook of Alcoholism Treatment Approaches: Effective Alternatives

The book Handbook of Alcoholism Treatment Approaches is written by Reid Hester (Behavior Therapy Associates) and William Miller (The University of New Mexico).  This is edition of the book is a little older, dating back to 2003. However, this book gives a great general breakdown of those wanting to learn about alcohol addictions or those newer to this type of addiction.

Handbook of Alchohism Treatment and ApproachBreakdown:

1. Treating Alcohol Problems: Toward an Informed Eclecticism

2. What Works? A Summary of Alcohol Treatment Outcome Research

3. Screening for At-Risk, Problem. and Dependent Alcohol Use

4. Evaluating Alcohol Problems in Adults and Adolescents

5. Case Monitoring and Motivational Style Brief Interventions

6. Enhancing Motivation for Change

7. Behavior Self-Control Training

8. Self-Help Groups

Handbook of Alcoholism Back Page9. Marital and Family Therapy

10. Coping Skills Training and Cue Exposure Treatment

11. Community Reinforcement Approach and Community Reinforcement and Family Treatment

12. Medications


ISBN #: 0-205-36064-5