Hurt People Hurt People: Hope and Healing for Yourself and Your Relationships

The book Hurt People Hurt People is written by Christian Psychologist Dr. Sandra Wilson. This book is an excellent  and easy read for those suffering from depression and other wounds. Sections are broken down into small bite size pieces that can be read in a few minutes. One of my favorite aspects of this book is how it is presented. Dr. Wilson takes the perspective that, we as wounded people, many times accidentally pass this on to the next generation.  Additionally, this book is filled with Biblical reference to cover each point addressed. This book can easily become a counselor’s top ten. Once one starts reading this book, windows and doors of the heart are opened and many new aspects of life are understood.

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Hurt People FrontBreakdown:

1. Unseen Wounds

2. The Problem with Unseen Wounds

3. Hurt by Unprepared and Unavailable

4. Hurt by Liars and Thieves

5. Hurt by Childhood Fantasies

6. Hurt by Childhood Choices

7. Help for Healing Our Hurts

8. Help for Healing Self-inflicted Wounds

9. Help for Healing Friends and Spouces

Hurt People Back Cover10. Help for Healing Leaders

11. Help for Healing Followers

12. Help for Hurting Worshipers

13. Help for Healing Forgivers

14. Help for Healing Parents

15. Help for Hopeful Tomorrows


ISBN #: 1-57293-016-0