Internet Counseling and Psychotherapy

Internet Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Life Coaching Offered

Due to COVID-19, we are now able to offer Teletherapy/Telehealth in many different ways including a secured web site, other types of audio/video, and even two way, old fashion telephone/cellphone connection. Give us a call to find out how we can support you through Teletherapy/Telehealth/Internet Therapy.

LLM offers a new venue for those seeking services who do not have the opportunity to physically visit one of our locations. We use a HIPPA approved web site. We utilize PayPal as an easy way to pay for fees on line (for coaching), will bill insurance, and have a number of options for any deductible and/or copay . Thus far we have had the opportunity to conduct services in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa. If you have an internet connection and a pay pal account, we can offer you top of the line services with the highly trained professionals. For more information, contact us by either calling (US) 717-489-2901 or email us at