What people are saying about the training and seminars

Some of the comments about Rodney’s training and seminars:

” … found myself wanting more like a great movie ! ” – parent from parenting class

” I think every parent should hear what you have to teach. Thank you so much ! ” – new parents from a parenting class

” I learned a lot of values from this class ! ” – parent from parenting class

” I wish I knew this (information) when I was younger !” – grandparent from parenting class

” One of the hardest jobs today is parenting – especially Christian parenting!  Christ Lutheran was very fortunate to have Rodney Mulhollem conduct an eight week class to help us in our Christian parenting.  Through power point information and class discussion we broadened our parenting skills and created a wonderful support for each other on a regular weekly basis.  For that, we thank Rodney, and his wife Laurie, who also brought so much to the class.”  Jeannette Thomas, Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church  

“Rodney Mulhollem taught a six week parenting seminar at Mt. Calvary Church which was very practical and insightful for our parents who attended. We found the seminar to be a tremendous help to our parents and can highly recommend it to anyone looking for an expert in the area of parenting” – D. Vaughn, M.A.

“Rodney was very knowledgeable yet very practical in his teaching” – parent from a parenting seminar

” I have a much better understanding of my child because of Rodney’s teaching of developmental stages in children.” – parent from a parenting seminar

“After Rodney’s teaching on parenting styles I was convinced that I had been very indulgent with my son and need to work to improve my parenting” – parent from a parenting seminar

“Following the seminar I realized I need further help to be a better parent” – parent from a parenting seminar

“I had a lot of positive feedback! We want you to come back for a little longer talk and get more in depth – especially on the parenting styles and child development needs/changes as they grow… everyone was very positive.” – Vicky, President SSBVM Parent Teacher Organization

” I really appreciate putting the Bible in with this (class).” – parent from a parenting class 

” Really enjoyed the class… very practical and with good ideas !” – parent from a parenting class

” EXCELLENT !  We have three kids and found the material very applicable to use to raise them  !” – parent from a parenting class

” The class has been invaluable ! Thank you so much for your time !” – parent from a parenting class

” Excellent information and detail on the reasoning for doing things in certain ways. ” – parent from a parenting class. 


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2 thoughts on “What people are saying about the training and seminars

  1. I recently attended a forum taught by Rodney. The forum was about understanding the difference between coaching and counseling. He also taught us about when to refer someone to a trained counselor. Rodney’s down to earth style of communication was engaging and kept our interest. Rodney has an understanding and appreciation for the local church ministry as well as the challenges of the local pastor. – Dr. Mark H. Yarger D.Min. Senior Pastor

  2. “Rodney’s truth-in-love teaching was what the parents and grandparents of our church had been searching for … well-planned, well-informed guide from a skilled professional on how to preside over a godly, missional home.”

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