Seminar and Training Topics:

Overview of Raising Children in Todays World

Overview of Raising Children in Today’s World  ( Faith Based ) 

Poverty and the Brain: A NeuroScience Approach

Connecting with your Teen

Understanding the Stage of Crisis

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” (I) found myself wanting more, like a great movie !” 


“ Rodney taught a parenting seminar which was very practical and insightful… We found the seminar to be a tremendous help…  and can highly recommend it to anyone looking for an expert  in the area of parenting. ”  –  D. Vaughn,  M.A.,  Sr. PasTor, Elizabethtown, PA 

Today parents are facing an ever-changing society. Even large corporations are changing strategies based on the ever-changing culture. Business genius, Brad Szollose points out many of these changes in his book Liquid Leadership. People are starting to realize the failure of the family unit as one of the leading causes of the total failure of any type of organization including corporate America. Everything in life revolves around connecting with people and healthy relationship dynamics. This is originally learned at home as children.

Parents are wondering how do I raise my children in the best way? With the changes of the rules, how do I achieve success in parenting with a culture that promotes rebellion, teaches no consequence to actions, and mocks, what was once considered, the wisdom of the elderly?

This presentation integrates years of clinical research and is Biblically based. Much of Rodney’s research included parenting, family dynamics, neuroscience, and psychopathology. He currently works with individuals, couples, and families; focusing on marriage and family therapy, family dynamics, and parenting to name a few.

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Overview of Raising Children in Todays World

Overview of Raising Children in Today’s World (Faith Based)

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  1. “Rodney’s truth-in-love teaching was what the parents and grandparents of our church had been searching for … well-planned, well-informed guide from a skilled professional on how to preside over a godly, missional home.”

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