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(Note: L.L. Mulhollem Counseling and Psychotherapy does not endorse all theological aspects in every book but does respect their viewpoints. It is our goal to avoid any book that would go against Biblical truth. We believe the clinical advantages largely outweigh slightly different theological difference in some of the listed material.)



scanBoundaries in Marriage






comp chrst coun frnt

Competent Christian Counseling (Volume 1)


Ethnicity and Family Therapy (3rd Edition)


Handbook of Alchohism Treatment and ApproachHandbook of Alcoholism Treatment Approaches




Hurt People Hurt People: Hope and Healing forHurt People Front

Yourself and Your Relationships



grey-striped-background-2072Integrative Approach to Psychology and Christianity


bondage breaker frntThe Bondage Breaker





scan0004The God Shaped Brain: How Changing Your View

of God Transforms Your Life