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Rodney L. Mulhollem, M.A., L.P.C.

Licensed Psychotherapist, Parenting Specialist, Family Dynamics, and L.P.C. Licensing Supervisor.

Rodney is a licensed psychotherapist earning his B.S. in Psychology and his M.A. in Professional Counseling from Liberty University. He graduated with honors, achieving the level of cum laude and was invited to become a member of Psi Chi, The National Honor Society in Psychology. His focus of research included healthy parenting styles, addictions, multicultural counseling, and the integration of psychotherapy and Christian theology. His focus of studies included psychopathology, trauma and crisis counseling, family dynamics, and neuroscience. Rodney’s experience in an outpatient mental health facility allowed him the opportunity to work from an individual perspective, as well as with family dynamics. Additionally, Rodney’s experience expanded into crisis and trauma counseling through a local hospital. He has training as a life coach and in coaching psychology. He has researched and written over 20 articles on topics such as parenting styles, healthy child discipline, personality development, domestic abuse, and addictions. He is a certified Prepare-Enrich® counselor and is qualified to administer, read, and  interpret the Pair Two Relationship Profile. He is also trained in Hope-Focused Therapy and Forgiveness Therapy.

Rodney has a passion for helping both those that are hurting and those focused on achieving a new level of success. In addition to the avenue of counseling and psychotherapy, he is a dynamic speaker involved in training, seminars and public speaking. He has spoken for churches, schools, and businesses from Washington State to Pennsylvania on subjects including personal motivation; crisis counseling; mourning, bereavement, and loss; and parenting styles. He has been an expert guest on Dr. Sherman’s radio show Empowering Relationships. What makes Rodney stand out is his ability to connect with his audience, as well as, make complex issues realistic and down to earth. To see what others have said about his speaking, see the Testimonials page.

Barbra B. Grandia, M.A., M.Ed., L.P.C.

Psychotherapist, Gerontology Specialist, and L.P.C. Licensing Supervisor

Barb is a licensed professional counselor who conducts supervision for those who are seeking licensure. She holds a B.A. in British Literature from Bucknell University, a B.A. in American Literature from Penn State University, a M.Ed. in Counseling from Millersville University, and a post graduate certification in Gerontology.  She is certified for the Myers Briggs Personality Assessment. She developed, coordinated, and taught a Gerontology program at Harrisburg Area Community College.

Barbra was a tenured professor of Counseling and Human Development Emeritus at Harrisburg Area Community College (Lebanon Campus) with duties in academic, personal, and career counseling. She worked as a specialist with individuals with disabilities, ESL, developmental, and students with criminal records. She also worked for a local counseling agency specializing in treatment of depression, anxiety, and anger. She also offers supervision for L.P.C’s. Call or email for more information.

Mary L. Mutschler, L.S.W., L.C.S.W., Brain Injury Specialist and E.M.D.R. Trauma Specialist, and L.C.S.W. and L.P.C. Licensing Supervisor.

Mary specializes in brain trauma and other types of trauma including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She is a first responder and first responder trainer. Her experience includes decades of psychotherapy with individuals with all levels of psychopathology including depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. As registered E.M.D.R. specialist, she commonly works with military vets and others who have experienced deep struggles. She also offers supervision for L.C.S.W. and L.P.C.. Call or email for more information.

Barry Frey, B.S., Life Coach and Biblical Counselor

Barry is a life coach and biblical counselor. He is a graduate from Light University through the American Association of Christian Counselors. He also received education from Penn State University, Temple University, and Harrisburg Community College. He has 12 plus years experience in working with families, individuals, and addictions. He specializes in “father issues” primarily with preadolescence and adolescent young men. Barry’s personal vision and desire is to use the love of Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God to lead clients in a healing process to true contentment and to refocus on the Heavenly Father. Barry is married and has four grown children, six grandchildren, and one great grandchild.

Business Development and CEO

Laurie L. Mulhollem, A.S., C.E.O.

Laurie is the “business brains” of L. L. Mulhollem Counseling and Psychotherapy. She is originally from Lake Stevens, Washington. Her education includes Brooks College of Design, Long Beach, CA and Harrisburg Community College in Harrisburg, PA. Her work experience includes corporate human resources, business management, customer facing and retail with companies such as Hershey Foods Corporation and Starbucks Coffee Company. She also has experience in modeling, pageants, ambassador programs and public speaking. She held the title of Mrs. South Central Pennsylvania 2014 and was voted Mrs. Photogenic and Best of Interview for the Mrs. Pennsylvania America pageant (2014). She has also held the title of Miss Photogenic for Miss Lake Stevens, Washington, Miss Long Beach, CA, and the Miss Teen Washington pageants. Her friends and colleagues describe her as being compassionate, caring, and the sweetest person you will ever meet. Laurie’s passions are helping through public speaking to organizations with a special focus on mentoring women who struggle with low self-esteem.

Clete Blackwell II, B.S.

Clete Blackwell is the brains behind all the computer and internet stuff. He is an IT professional currently working for a Fortune 50 company developing and supporting Java enterprise applications. In prior positions, he has developed Jython code in order to integrate multiple enterprise systems together. He graduated from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania in 2011 with a degree in Computer Science: Information Systems with a minor in Business Administration. He and his wife, Ashley, are involved with leadership at their church as well as oversee one of their churches small groups. For fun he and his wife practice Tae Kwon Do as Clete holds a 3rd degree black belt and 1st degree black belt from two different Tae Kwon Do organizations. His wife, Ashley holds 4 blackbelts, two in Tae Kwon Do, Mu Da Kwon, and Isshinryu Karate-Do.







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