Rodney Mulhollem

Parenting Styles and Psychopathology

A Direct Correlation through the Generations of Families Rodney Mulhollem Liberty University Abstract In this report parental psychopathology and parenting discipline styles will be evaluated to see if there is a significant correlation with their child’s pathology. The four main parenting styles considered in this report include Authoritarian, Authoritative, Neglectful and Indulgent (Santrock, 2008). Considering attachment styles in relation to the parent’s psychopathology and parenting styles is also considered (Brook, Balka, Fei, & Whiteman, 2006; Nishikawa, Sundbom, & Hägglöf, 2010; Rodríguez, Donovick & Crowley, 2009; Roelofs, Meesters, ter Huurne, Bamelis, & Muris, 2006; Surcinelli, Rossi, Montebarocci, & Baldaro, 2010; Vostanis, Graves, Meltzer, Goodman, Jenkins, & Brugha, 2006).

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